Top 5 Best Forex Signals Providers in 2019

Learn and get Information about best forex signals providers in the world 2019. Finding the top quality signal service is quite a challenge.  It requires knowledge and a good amount of research. If you have tried many other forex trading strategies or services and nothing worked, then using a Forex trading Signals service from professional traders could help you to become a successful trader. The foreign currency trading market is one of the top earning industries and demand of forex signals has increased to make money faster and safe. In order to save your time and money, we have managed to create a list of world’s top 5 best Forex Signals Providers.

Updated on 16th February 2019

RankSignal ServiceDetailsStarting
1.Traders Academy ClubStep by Step Training
Analysis and Signals
Traders Room
Support Desk
2.Fx Child Play SignalsHighly Accurate Signals
Trade Coppier
Signals in Direct MT4
Support Desk
3.Forex TrendyWonderful Pro Software
Trend/Pattern Signals
Audible & Email Alerts
Support Desk
4.Forex Mentor ProSignals & Video Analysis
3 Trading Systems
Video Training/Mentoring
Support Desk
5.Traders EliteHighly Trusted Signals
Verified by MyFxbook
600 to 1000 Pips/mo
Excellent Support
6.XScalper SignalsHigh Return Service
Multi Level Confirmation
Signals in Direct MT4
Support Desk

Forex market is known as being a fast moving, highly liquid and volatile financial market. It works for straight 24 hours, 5 days in a week through all the time zones in the world. Many people prefer to perform their very own analysis while other people like to use Forex trading signals. We saw many traders who have been losing a lot of money until they subscribed to a top quality Forex signals service.

Starting with best forex signals providers is very easy. After subscription, they will send you an email containing all instruction. You do not need to worry about anything; Signal service would guide you with step by step instructions.

What is forex signal

A forex signal is a recommendations or suggestion to help traders for entering a trade on a currency pair from start to finish. These Forex signals can be once a day or week etc. Also, the signals can be for various currency pairs. Forex Signals Providers keep a constant and vigilant watch over currency current movements, trends, news releases and analyze its data throughout the day.

Forex Signals Format and delivery methods

You can receive Forex signals via your mobile phones, computers, tabs, email, SMS, Trade Copier, Trader’s room and Direct on Provider’s website.
They provide you exact entry and exit points like this
EURUSD ( If Sell Trade)
Sell Entry = 1.1095, SL = 1.1101, TP = 1.1055
EURUSD ( If Buy Trade)
Buy Entry = 1.1101 , SL = 1.1061, TP = 1.1141
Some providers also provide you video analysis and live trading room where you can discuss your trading ideas with other pro traders. If you need trade copier for automatic trading you can get this free.

Truth About Best Forex Signals Providers

When you try to search for best Forex Signals Providers you may feel a little overwhelmed because there are so many Signals services that are pushing you to subscribe their Forex Signals service. Don’t go for them, you need to put in some time and effort to research these signals services.
Think about this for a minute. If these forex trading signals providers are so good and they are making money in the Forex market, then why are they selling them? Why do they want to share their success with other people?

The truth is successful pro traders do never share their Forex trading signals or ideas to the public. Very few traders who want to share their trades but there is some cost involved.

Why these very few Forex Traders sell their Forex trading signals, because

1. They want to make some extra money besides trading
2. They love to help other people
3. They provide signals and analysis because of their pride. They want to show themselves in front of the world like how they are the qualified and professional traders.

We researched and have made a list of some Best Forex Signals Providers.

Why 90% people are failed in Forex

There are many reasons 90% people are failed in forex trading business.

  1. They trade without plan
  2. They do not have any education or experience in Forex
  3. Too much excitement and emotions which kill them
  4. Hitting by Scammers like brokers or other services
  5. They have poor risk and money management
  6. Over-trading, They trade day to night which is very harmful to trading
  7. Gambling , Some traders do trading by making the guess.

There are much more reasons, but these are major reasons. Losing money in Forex is very easy. I like this funny picture.

Forex Funny

Did you ever notice that Majority of beginner traders do invest huge money in trading. They are very happy to fill the broker’s account but do not want to invest a pie in education, learning or getting a mentor. After creating forex account and initial deposit they start searching for free education, free analysis and forex systems, and these things lead them to account wash.
So if you want success in forex business then you have to invest money in Education and learning. And the services we described here would give you many benefits ,
First, you can get Premium accurate forex trading signals and you can start earning immediately. You would get premium Forex Training , premium strategies , premium indicators, premium live trading rooms where you would improve your trading skills.

Money management

Forex Trading requires a discipline to stick to your money management rules. Forex trading money management is basically how much you should risk on each trade. Signals providers would guide you how to manage your account and follow their proper money management rule.

Best Forex Signals

Best Forex Signals Benefits

Forex trading signals are very suitable for all types of traders, there are huge benefits of subscribing a signals service.

  1. You can start earning from the very first day.
  2. You do not need to learn about trading methods or systems in order to trade.
  3. You won’t need to waste your time on research.
  4. You can jump into the market immediately.
  5. You do not need to always look for the next trade. Signals provider would work for you.
  6. You will get forex signals when they’re relevant.
  7. You will be able to trade and live with less stress.
  8. You can effectively remove emotion and guesswork from trading, making fear and greed no longer an issue.
  9. You have access to knowledgeable support and advice.
  10. You do not need any prior knowledge for Forex Market no worry about any forex strategy.
  11. You can learn more about forex trading while using signal services and their live Traders room. Some Signal providers would teach you besides the signal service.
  12. No need to worry about stop loss, take profit or trailing points, Signal provider do it for you . You would get exact entry and exit trading points
  13.  Regardless of whether traders are working at their day jobs or sleeping, they can rest assured that their money is constantly working for them.

Why Forex Signals are Important

Most importantly, you can start earning immediately from these signals. After subscription, they start sending you forex trading signals. Additionally, it also let you know when you should place TP ( Take profit) , SL ( Stop Loss) and limit orders. Experienced traders also need some subscription from many services like technical and fundamental analysis. This is the fact a human can’t work 24 hours a day, so how a trader can analyze the market 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
Forex signal and analysis is very important for traders. Let me give you a well-known industry state.

90% of traders lose 90% of their money trading in the first 90 Days

This statement tells us why people look for Best Forex signals Providers.

In order to make accurate trade entries and exits, you need to spend many hours on charts, market news, speculations, analysis, world market economy, and lots more. Forex Trading Signals is the solution for all of these.

Forex Signals Scam

Unfortunately, the internet is full of scams, nowadays it is very hard to find any convenient product or service. Also, most people are not familiar much with forex market which makes them an easy target by scammers. You can find tons of forex signals scams on the internet. They steal money from people by promising dreams. That’s why you need a proper knowledge and research of the Forex Market and we are here to help you in finding the best Forex signals services.

Our Recommendation

We have made a research and create a list of world’s Top 5 best Forex Signals Providers. Some of them provide Only Exact trading entries, some provide additional training, live room and video analysis. Only select the service which suits your trading style. Here we give you some ideas.

If you are the beginner or advance Trader and want to start earning immediately.

Then you should go with 1000 Pips Builder . They are highly trusted and verified performance by MyFxBook. They earn 600 to 1000 pips per month.

If you are the beginner and also want a Perfect Strategy Indicators and signals All in One 

You have to subscribe xScalper service. They provide Premium Strategies with Pro indicators and EA. You will also get step by step training pdf and support. Its profitable and recommended service.

If you are busy beginner trader and Looking World’s Best Trading Mentor and Signals

Then go to Vladimir Traders Academy Club and Signals. World’s known and Award Winner Vladimir Provides live Video Training, Analysis and Forex Trading Signals. So you do not need to worry about trading and learning, they will step by step teach you. Vladimir provides his own premium strategies.

If you are a little advanced  trader and loves the video analysis

You should go with Forex Mentor Pro. This premium service provides you forex strategies, indicators , training, and send you premium daily video analysis of currency pairs. You would love this service. They have high rebilled score. That mean people are very happy with this service.

If You have some knowledge about Currency Patterns and Charts

Forex Trendy is the very best tool for analyzing the currency patterns, charts and trends lines. This tool will send you signal alert and email when it finds any pattern or trend line.

Forex Trading Signals

Why these are Best forex signals providers

We already have explained that these are world’s most famous and recommended signals services online.

  • These are best because they have good reputation in the market.
  • They are famous and market professional mentor.
  • They are teaching people from many years.
  • They have live trading room so traders can chat or discuss with each other.
  • They have high rebilled score, Means traders are very happy to remain subscribed to them.
  • They teach traders and show them live all about the forex market.
  • If someone is not happy with service they have a refund policy
  • They charge decent subscription fee so anyone can afford it.

Should I subscribe?

This is the question would come in your mind . We already have discussed a lot why Forex Signals services are important. Getting into Forex trading is not as easy as it might sound . The main reason to use these best forex signals in trading because it is a highly complex business, and the gathering of immediate information would be very difficult for the trader to collect and analyze.

Why would you like to take such a risk, when you can have the experienced traders work and analysis?
We highly recommend subscribing one of these best forex signals providers in order to gain success in forex business. This is the business where only 10% people are succeeded. You can be one of them.