Best Free Forex Signals and Analysis

Free Forex signals are basically suggestions or ideas for to buy and sell currencies with price targets and stop-loss levels. There are many traders and companies happy to provide free Forex signals. They might be traders or even some trading companies that offer this as a service.  These signals are delivered by SMS, email, live trading Room or direct to Metatrader. Before you start with free forex signals you should be aware that there is no guaranty, no accuracy and no support. Totally depends on you how you can utilize these signals for your trading purpose. There is high Risk Involved.

We are providing third party free forex signals here and we want to clear that there is no guaranty for accuracy and profits. You have to use these signals at your own risk. We may give you some advice how to use these free signals for your trading and get results.


Today’s Free Forex Signals – October 27, 2016

(Last Price: 1.0897)
SELL, Entry = 1.0880, SL = 1.0920, TP = 1.0840
if wrong then BUY, Entry = 1.0920, SL = 1.0880, TP = 1.0960

(Last Price: 1.2216)
SELL, Entry = 1.2179, SL = 1.2219, TP = 1.2139
if wrong then BUY, Entry = 1.2219, SL = 1.2179, TP = 1.2259

(Last Price: 104.48)
BUY, Entry = 104.60, SL = 104.20, TP = 105.00
if wrong then SELL, Entry = 104.20, SL = 104.60, TP = 103.80

(Last Price: 0.9941)
BUY, Entry = 0.9954, SL = 0.9914, TP = 0.9994
if wrong then SELL, Entry = 0.9914, SL = 0.9954, TP = 0.9874

(Last Price: 0.7632)
SELL, Entry = 0.7633, SL = 0.7673, TP = 0.7593
if wrong then BUY, Entry = 0.7673, SL = 0.7633, TP = 0.7713



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Free Forex Signals Benefits

  1. If you are a beginner trader then you can practice trading on demo account by using these forex signals.
  2. For intermediate traders free forex signals can help in entry points with stop loss.
  3. You can get these signals on websites and social media websites like Facebook.
  4. You can reduce the risk of loss by using these signals correctly.
  5. There is no need for investment for free forex signals. You can get free on internet.

Free Forex Signals cons

  1. Although free forex signals do not require any investment but on the other side you are betting your entire account on high risk.
  2. You don’t know the signal provider whether trader is professional or just a kid on other side.
  3. You can lose your capital as quickly as you think.
  4. There is no guaranty for profit and performance.
  5. You will get no support from provider.

After all you should be careful  by using free forex signals. We highly suggest you to use these signals for practice purpose only if you are beginner trader.  If you really want to earn good money with trading then why not you go with premium signals service? This is very strange that some traders invest huge money in broker’s account but sadly they are not willing to invest very little money for premium signals service. And that’s why most of the traders are failed in Forex Business.

There are tons of benefits by using premium forex signals services. You can get training, video analysis, Live trading room, accurate buy sell entry points with stop loss. You have to not worry about trading because there is professional trader available for you to help you and guide you. For to know more about benefits of premium signals and some world’s best signals services check this page.